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About Us

It Happened One Night

HOGMAN-OUTDOORS was founded in the Hill Country of Leakey, Texas by an avid group of hog hunters. We spent many years and countless nights hunting and trapping hogs along fence lines, in the valleys, creek beds, atop ridges and around feeders. Very soon, one thing became very clear: regardless of the focus, skill and commitment of the hunter, the hogs had a distinct advantage – the dark of night. We realized it was necessary to take that advantage away from the hogs to improve our hunting success.

It is true that “necessity is the mother of invention” As it happened, sitting around the fire pit after a less than successful night hunt and staring at empty coolers, I vowed to focus my energy and resources on finding products that would provide “advantage hunter.”

Over the years we’ve used and tested virtually every illumination product on the market. While they may be effective under the right conditions, we couldn’t find a product that turned the table and provided “advantage hunter” in the darkness.

Undaunted, I set out to develop my own products. HOGMAN-OUTDOORS became a product development company spending many hours drawing up ideas, concepts and building prototypes. The HOGMAN-OUTDOORS’ hunting group conducted extensive field tests of all prototypes insuring they performed as designed.

HOGMAN-OUTDOORS’ first product is the Game Alert® Night Hunting Module, a product that stealthily alerts the hunter to the presence of hogs or other night game, without negatively impacting their nocturnal patterns of movement in the area.  It has been field-tested and it exceeded our expectations!  

HOGMAN-OUTDOORS’ mission is to release a minimum of one new proven product each year that provides “advantage hunter.”

HOGMAN-OUTDOORS’ Hunting Team will field test and document results of all HOGMAN-OUTDOORS newly developed products. Results will be posted on our FIELD TESTS section.

Drop ’em in their tracks!

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