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Hog Hunting Methods at Night Compared

Feeder Lights

Hog Hunting with Feeder Lights at Night

Feeder lights come in many models and types and as their name suggests. They are intended to be mounted under game feeders and provide a perimeter of light under the feeder.

Hunting Strategy
Install and energize feeder light. Position yourself close enough to feeder (30-50 yards) to take a shot utilizing the illumination provided by the feeder light.

Field research has revealed that positioning yourself (and your scent) close to the feed area may negatively impact not only hog movement, but also that of deer and other large game.

Always-on low intensity (photocell operated) feeder lights (white, red or green) can actually deter deer from visiting the feeder, which defeats the purpose for which the feeder was intended.

Deer and hogs are aware that the area is illuminated even with slow-on lights. Being color blind, they both see the cone-shaped illumination not as red or green, but as grey and unnatural in the night environment.

From a hunter: “I have also had big boars stay on the fringe of the light and never enter the [feeder light] cone. The feeder light is not effective for routinely dropping the big boars.”

Rifle-mounted Light

Hog Hunting with Rifle-mounted Light at Night

Hunter activated rifle-mounted red or green light.

Hunting Strategy
Position yourself at desired distance. With some lights on the market it can be in excess of 200 yards from the feed area.

Periodically energize your rifle-mounted light to pan the area in search of hogs. No hogs. Put rifle away, sit, wait, and repeat. You can also purchase an additional long-range light and use it to periodically check for game without having to raise your rifle each time (buy extra batteries).

Raising a rifle and scoping feed area every 15 minutes or so gets old quick!  Utilizing a second light to illuminate and scan area results in over-lighting of the area. Field research proves this negatively impacts hogs, as well as deer travel patterns around a feed area.  It is counterproductive to utilize a hunting strategy for hogs that negatively impacts deer movement in areas you will likely be hunting deer the following morning.

Game Alert®

Night Hunting with Game Alert Night Hunting Module


From the HOGMAN-OUTDOORS’ Game Alert® Stealth Hunter Kit, place the Game Alert® Night Hunting Module under the feeder, or along trails, or close to wallows and rubs (trail mount accessory required) and power on. Single, discreet red LED will illuminate only when motion by any animal with a total body area larger than 3 square feet, is detected. Movement can be detected within a 200-yard perimeter. Once activated, light will remain illuminated for 10 seconds before shutting off; if motion persists for 5 seconds following the deactivation of the light, it will reactivate.

Also from the Stealth Hunter Kit, you have equipped your rifle with a Game Alert® Flashlight and Scope Mounting Bracket, as well as a Tactical Pressure Switch for turning on and off the flashlight.

Hunting Strategy
Position yourself at any distance you desire within scope light range. Sit comfortably just as you would when deer hunting. You remain in total darkness, no chance of alerting the hogs of your presence or negatively impacting the hunting area’s nightly deer movement.

From the direction of the feed area, suddenly the small red LED of Game Alert® Night Hunting Module illuminates, notifying you – the hunter, NOT the hog – that it is time to hunt.  Raising your rifle you momentarily, illuminate the feed area with the green light from the Game Alert® Flashlight.  You spot the hog and take the shot.  Instantly you return to stealth mode of total darkness….awaiting the next opportunity to drop another one.

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