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Game Alert™

Game Alert

Game Alert®
Night Hunting Module

The Goal: Improve hunting success rates without negatively impacting game movement and activity.
The Challenge: Hunting at night, in total darkness.
The Solution: Game Alert® Night Hunting Module

Use the night to your advantage. The HOGMAN-OUTDOORS Game Alert® Night Hunting Module provides momentary notification of game to the hunter, without lighting the monitored area and changing game behavior.

Easily Hunt at Night

Hunting at night comes with a unique number of challenges, not the least of which is spotting and accurately shooting a target without spooking the animal. That’s where the Game Alert® Night Hunting Module comes in.

Here’s how it works:

The Game Alert® Night Hunting Module has a magnetic base, allowing it to be easily attached to the bottom of a feeder, or be mounted on trees or posts along game trails.

When the motion-activated module detects the motion within the monitored area, the single, red-LED is activated. Once activated, the LED remains illuminated for 10 seconds before shutting off, just enough time to alert the hunter that game is in the area, without spooking the animal. Any additional motion will result in a reactivation of the LED.

From a comfortable distance away the hunter, notified of game presence by the red light, raises their rifle, illuminates the feed area briefly, takes aim, and makes the shot. The hunter then returns instantly to stealth mode in total darkness, awaiting the next opportunity.

The Game Alert® Advantage

Unlike conventional feeder lights, which have multiple high-intensity lights resulting in the casting of shadows (hogs have bad eyesight so shadows make them skidish), The Game Alert® Night Hunting Module only has one low-intensity red LED, which illuminates just long enough to notify the hunter of game presence (the unique position of the notification LED does NOT illuminate or alert the animals). The Game Alert® Night Hunting Module does not light the total monitored area like most traditional feeder lights, reducing the chance of spooking game, or changing game behavior.

The Game Alert® Night Hunting Module can be used to replace conventional feeder lights or used as an extra accessory when hunting along trails and wallows. For best performance, use in conjunction with our Game Alert® Flashlight, our long-distance green LED tactical flashlight designed specifically for hunting. Once you see the Game Alert® module switch on, light up the area with the tactical flashlight, and take aim. Alternatively, night vision equipment can be used to spot, target, and shoot, once the Game Alert® red LED is triggered.