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Game Alert™ Rifle Kit

Rifle Kit

Game Alert® Rifle Kit

Rifle-mounted flashlight for precise night hunting

Trying to locate game in total darkness without spooking the animal is one of the most difficult parts of hunting at night. The HOGMAN-OUTDOORS’ Game Alert® Rifle Kit is the solution to these problems. Ideal for night hunting, the kit includes a tactical, green LED flashlight and a universal scope mount, which allows for mounting on most rifle/scope applications. Batteries and charger , batteries provide 3 hours of continuous run time, are also included.

Accurate Aim at Night

Our long-distance, green LED Game Alert® Flashlight is ideal for night hunting. Designed to give you total target illumination in excess of 200 yards, the Game Alert® Flashlight simplifies night hunting by giving you eyes on your target and increasing shooting accuracy.

Need to illuminate an area quickly? Now you can. The Game Alert® Flashlight enhances the efficiency and reliability of your aim by utilizing AVR constant current circuitry in conjunction with a CREE green LED emitter. The green LED is specifically formulated for night hunting applications, meaning it provides an accurate beam of light without totally spooking the game. Complete target illumination allows you to line up your shot and aim quickly and shoot without hesitation, increasing likelihood of success.

Built for All Environments

The components of the Game Alert® Rifle Kit are built to withstand all environments. The Game Alert® Rifle is constructed of T6 aviation aluminum, providing lightweight, water-resistant housing, and the universal scope mount is made of plastic resin resistant to stress, pressure, water, and low temperatures, making it perfect for the most challenging environments. If you can hunt in the conditions, so can our gear.

Increase Night Hunting Success with Game Alert® Rifle Kit

Our Game Alert® Rifle Kit works in conjunction with our flagship product, Game Alert® Module. The Game Alert® Rifle Kit Night Hunting Module allows for swift hunting of hogs, vermin, and other animals. The module has a magnetic base, allowing it to attach easily to the underside of feeders, or be mounted on trees or posts along game trails (with our trail mount accessory). Game Alert® Module detects the movement and emits a single red LED light to notify the hunter that game is in the monitored area without alerting the prey. Once the red light signals, that means it’s time to sweep the area with the Game Alert® Flashlight, line up, and take the shot. Increase your hog hunting success by purchasing the HOGMAN-OUTDOORS’ Stealth Hunter Kit (includes The Game Alert® Rifle Kit and Game Alert® Module).

The Game Alert® Rifle  Kit includes a rifle-mounted green LED tactical flashlight, ideal for night hog hunting. When combined with the Game Alert® Night Hunting Module, the Game Alert® Rifle Kit  gives the hunter the advantage in the war against nocturnal, feral hogs. The Game Alert® Rifle  Kit comes complete with blow-molded foam lined, latching carrying case to keep all components at the ready.

  • Kit comes in a foam-lined, latching carrying case to keep all components at the ready.
  • Two 18650 2400 milli amp 3.7 volt lithium batteries (included) provide 3+ hours of continuous runtime.
  • Green LED tactical flashlight is constructed of T6 aviation aluminum. lightweight, water-resistant housing.
  • Universal scope mount allows for the quick mounting of flashlight onto most rife/scope applications.
  • Alternating current and direct current battery chargers are capable of recharging both lithium batteries simultaneously.
  • Tactical wire coil replaces standard cap switch to allow for momentary illumination through a pressure pad mounted on the rifle.